Hi there, I am Disy. This blog is my place purely for me.

I am a primarily a wife, mumma and career gal. I am also have the often neglected roles of a sister, aunty,daughter and friend. ( I think that is it).

I fell into the industry I am in after uni and I work for a subsidiary of big corporate co. Luckily we work in an office in the suburbs so I don’t have to high fly to the city every day dressed up in high heels and a suit. Ohh yes casual dress policy. This probably means I have been too casual about my career at times over the last 10 years. Overall I have a good job and if I put my mind to it maybe a better one sometime soon. I work full time.

Texy and I met when we both worked at a large hardware store. He used to answer all my calls for price checks! We were great friends that used to double date and become lovers (once I pointed the option out to him). We have been together 12 years, married for 2. He is still my best friend and I swear nothing else matters to me except his opinion (most of the time).

I spent 5 months off work when Master F was born and cherished every moment with my beautiful baby. I always knew returning would be one of the hardest things I did. And it was. I cried the first week, but got through it. I find being a mummy so rewarding; I am (usually) totally devoted to Master F when I am at home. We are lucky he was a ‘Jacinta Tynan’ baby and easily adapted to being in care whether it was Nanna/Aunty/Childcare. He is a toddler now and this presents a whole new challenge.

Constantly juggling life but determined to remain easygoing. Stress just doesn’t need to be in our household.


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