Super is the best

This post may be subject to oversharing. Oh well you get that.

It seems that every now and again that time of the month rolls around and I am unprepared. I am hopeless at preplanning and always putting it off. Don’t buy today but you can always get tomorrow. I also baulk at the $10+ it costs to ensure my comfort during those few days each month.

So roll on to last week and I was out of tampons. Texy was off to the supermarket to get milk and bread. “I need tampons” I said. The look of disdain on his face was priceless. It was similar to that of the toddler’s face when I have told him that he has been naughty. Texy realised that there was no way out, and the use of a self serve register will save him any embarrassment. “What sort?” he asked. I replied with the word R-E-G-U-L-A-R and suggested a couple of brand names and that he should not get a cheap no name brand. (Whilst we have been budget conscious I was mortified when an unknown brand of pads purchased from a German supermarket had a faulty one. The fault was it was adhesive on both sides and I was wearing it by the time I realised. Needless to say I rather not talk about that in anymore detail. However, I will suggest getting a brazilian wax by a inexperienced girl was possibly a more comfortable experience I have had).



Image from here

Off he goes on his mission and I am chuckling to myself imagining him standing in the aisle making trying to find the appropriate product. I know I have stood there myself long enough confused studying the different types and the apparent benefits each offers.

Little did I know the joke was on me. He returned home with the SUPER version. I don’t so super. As you may know this is a larger version that the REGULAR I had requested. I made a comment but was quick to shut my mouth. Texy understandably wasn’t understanding. I think in some way he thought that Super would be better. So karma is a bitch and now I am stuck with about 10 of the ill fitting expensive little blood suckers. I did use a few but must remember to ensure I get the correct version before the next cycle is upon me.


Image from here

Do you have any experiences when you have entrusted someone to buy your personal hygiene products? Texy suggests I am lucky that he does this for me. Am I?

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