Nearing the end of a glorious 2.5 weeks of annual leave. Spending quality time with my hubby and toddler has meant the world to me. This means I was there to give out the extra cuddles needed and to provide support through those challenging temper tantrums. Most of all we had lots of fun being silly together and giggling lots.

A week at the beach enabled me to disconnect my brain and just relax. A friendly echidna would roam through our backyard looking for ants, the kookaburra would laugh at us (might have something to do with the green crocs Master F was sporting) and the wallabies would bound past us (not the rugby players).

I managed to read a book – Cocktails at Naptime (see more here) which is something I am determined to do more of. ย Some light on funny stories were great therapy and I will admit to an early afternoon tibble while toddler had a nap and I read or hung out with hubby.

The other great thing was the fresh seafood we purchased from the wharf every other day. Hmmm Sydney rock oysters are the best in my book and we were lucky it was prawn season. Texy was wrapped that Master F likes prawns but not so much at peeling them for both of us!

We ended our holiday with some extended family in Canberra. It was full on arriving ย into a big city after a week in the country. Thank god for the portable dvd player and the endless supply of the Wiggles DVD for the car trips and hotel room.

Lets just say we learnt a lot about what you can’t do on a holiday with a toddler. You will probably catch me at a theme park on the sunshine coast next time.

I have some random questions I would love to hear your views on

Crocs? Hot or Not?

Holiday with extended family..would you?

When and where is your next holiday?

Disy xxx

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10 Responses to Holidays

  1. Misssy M says:

    What good taste you have…

  2. Teri says:

    Cocktails at naptime? Is this something mummies do? Hmmm…I may have to rethink motherhood afterall. ๐Ÿ™‚ As for your question on crocs, I’m going with it depends. If you are on a family vacay, at the beach, with your hubs and child – HOT. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Would I go on a trip with extended family? Yes. I have done it, and enjoyed it!

    Next Holiday will probably be England..and then Australia! My boyfriend is actually from (cue: “It’s a small world”..) Canberra. It will be my first visit!

    • disydoit says:

      thanks for your feedback. Can I come on your holidays with you? Somedays a cocktail at naptime is what you need to get through the day :). What country are you living in? Enjoy canberra when you go there it is an interesting place in terms of its urban design and planning, they had to create it as the capital as they could not decide if Sydney or Melbourne should be the capital!

      • Teri says:

        I live in the United States, Cleveland to be precise. And this is REALLY going to freak you out – since you mentioned the urban design and planning of the ACT. My boyfriends father was one of the city planners for Canberra. ๐Ÿ™‚ His name is David Wright. (I will have a heart attack if you reply back and say you know him!!)

      • disydoit says:

        haha No I don’t know him!! My only advice about visiting the ACT is that it is very HOT in summer and freezing in winter…

  3. kaykay says:

    ah.. crocs..when i arrived in Oz a few years ago I had never seen any – and was shocked to see entire families sporting them in Brisbane city.
    i think they look horrible, and i am not much of a fashion queen. but i DO get the whole ‘comfort’ thing, so each to their own. especially since i have been wearing Birkenstocks long before they became hip!
    It probably depends a lot on your family, sometimes the closest family isn’t really who you want to be with but you may have cool cousins etc.. ? don’t know, my family is far away..
    we have no holiday planned but LOTS of projects.. i want to visit ALL big Australian cities and also go outback, but we both wouldn’t mind a lazy beach holiday in Fiji either.. hmmmm .. oh that’s right, we’re too broke anyway.. never mind. The Redlands and Gold/Sunshine Coast are very very nice, it’s like holiday all the time for me, still heaps to see and to discover.
    and we bought a VIP pass for the theme parks too ๐Ÿ™‚
    nice to see you again ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • disydoit says:

      ha thanks for the detailled reply, Yes the crocs are a bit off but my son looks cool in anything ;). Defintely wrong for adults! I bet you were shocked seeing them in Brisbane.
      Have you been to Melbourne before? I have lived in Oz all my life and never been to the outback! You should consider Far Nrth Qld, we went there on honeymoon and was great (chartered our own boat around the whitsundays). So you can like go to the theme parks any time you want?

  4. katepickle says:

    Ah so nice to have time to spend with those you love and simply recharge….

    Now crocs.. I resisted for a long long time but when I finally succumbed (thinking they’d be handy on a camping holiday) I discovered how incredibly comfortable they are, and now I must confess I even wear mine in winter, with socks, on occasion, but not out of the house! I am also eyeing off some of the more fancier dressier style crocs as I reckon they’d be comfy but look better!

    Holiday with extended family… depends which bit of family!

    Our next holiday… um… er… maybe camping somewhere next Christmas and by that I mean Christmas 2011!

  5. Naomi says:

    AH crocs, I was in the crime against fashion camp… then I put a pair on. Oh. My. I must admit I too sometimes wear them out of the house in winter with socks… but just to the local super market, and I do live in the Dandenong Ranges where crocs are part of the standard uniform! Hubby and kids have a pair as well, they are so comfortable and easy.

    Holiday with extended family? I love them but no, not ever.

    Next holiday? Am off to Tassie with Hubby again in a few weeks, then Sydney for a short weekend break. Next big holiday? No idea, but I’m hoping for New Zealand or Vietnam.

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