Work restructures and nepotism

So, I am hundreds of miles off the ground and I begin to rationalise a difficult situation.

I am currently working on a tough project. It has lots of stakeholders with different (competing) perspectives which can become quite political. It is hard to deliver what everyone wants. There has been months of negotiation and compromise.

A few weeks ago now, an internal stakeholder questioned the direction and indicated I needed more support from my team ie my boss. I took it on board and told my soon-to-be-shafted direct boss.

I really needed to advise my more senior bosses of this and ensure they would back me if this feedback came up.

It was about that time the big boss called me into his office and announced a restructure.

The impact on me as explained by big boss was that I would no longer be reporting to current boss and I would not be reporting to my sister either.

What? Yes that is right MY SISTER. Up until now my boss and her were equivalent.

So it was to be in a couple of weeks until all the details like who I would be reporting to would be finalised. My boss is on leave, big boss disappears for a week as well.

I needed to bounce ideas and potential outcomes about my project. I had no one that knew the scope. Except for my sister but she was too busy and fobbed me off.

I was very frustrated during this time to find out that others in my team knew what the structure looked like. I was never given the detail.

I expressed the lack of support and the fact I had no boss to her. She was like ‘He is still your boss.’ I had worked out that my boss was affected negatively by the restructure and effectively demoted. I had no confidence that he was going to return from leave with incentives to continue supporting me. Some of the issues I had been dealing with where beyond the realms of our usual work.

Don’t get me wrong he is very professional and would always assist me.

So, I find out who my new boss is. They have created an extra hierarchy (as you do in corporate world) so my new boss now reports to………..MY SISTER.

How the company can allow this is beyond me. It sets off alarm bells from a HR perspective.

Morale is very low in the team, but my sister sits at the top of it motivated. She called the first team meeting yesterday and the tension in the room was full on.

No one had any questions. Actually I had a 1000 but I did not want to be the only one raising them. My new boss had to hide his surprise as he got a fair bit more than he bargained for in his new role. We should empathise with the poor bastard that has to deal with the sisters!

I can not talk to my sister at the moment. Unfortunately office politics are complicated at the moment. In the past we have worked well together and kept family and work separate. This was made possible by a different reporting line.

I just feel really sad that she has her corporate hat on and does not appear to have concern for the impact on real people and relationships.

So I have a couple of options available to me but it looks like I need to obtain another position within my company or look outside. Neither fit with my current goals however I don’t have much hope that I can achieve what I want to under my big sister.

Fuck it, I would rather my sister back. In case you haven’t already guessed – I am so angry about her apparent lack of concern for our personal relationship.

I am in Sydney today and the most senior person representing our company. Its time to land, so I need these welled up tears disappear.

Right now, I need to focus on leading the team to a successful outcome today.

The insomnia, PMS and 4.30am alarm is not much help.

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One Response to Work restructures and nepotism

  1. Suze says:

    If anyone can navigate through this difficult situation and negotiate a satisfactory outcome-its you Disy.
    Chin up!

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