Role Shift

Earlier in the year we decided to mix things up a bit after moving into a new house. Texy quit his job and took up the keeping of  House and Master F . He is much better equip for it than me. It has been such a pleasant change watching his domestic bliss. At the same time there was this dynamic shift…When we both worked, I was still the main carer of Master F. Not anymore. It has been most amusing, a little wierd  and downright hilarious at times watching Texy embrace his new role (sometimes I have to hide my the fact I am pissing myself laughing AT him not WITH him). These are some of the things I have encountered with this shift

  • He has been wearing MY bloody slippers around the house (annoying and funny)
  • He tells ME off for letting our son play with things he spends all week saying No to (sniggered behind his back)
  • He suggested how I should now put our son down for sleep WTF? ( I had to listen he was right..bastard)
  • Has rearranged the pantry about 5 times, we now have shelves ( I still ask him where everything is which is weird)
  • He has outbaked his mother on scones and yo yo’s (he taunts her about it cause she has never been able to make them, I find this hilarious until I realised that I was eating them all!)

Anyway here is an insight into my world. Tell me about yours. Do you run your house? Have you ever had to concede control to someone else?

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10 Responses to Role Shift

  1. Shelly says:

    I am happy for hubby to take over on a part-time basis and when I am unable to be there (and so I don’t have to watch) but I am too much of a control freak to want him to do it full-time.

    If his grocery shopping expeditions are anything to go by, we would be destitute and the kids would be eating Cheezels for breakfast.

    Thanks for coming by today. Pleased to meet you.

  2. Naomi says:

    hehe! Hubby works full time form home in our house. It works well, kids get picked up from school… I get to come home to a warm house and tea cooked some nights… I have over the years learnt to let go of more and more… mind you collecting then miss 3 from care in her pj top made me question my role as (then) full time working mama.
    We have a good balance now, and I have even stopped leaving out clothes for the kids the night before.
    But, the one thing Hubs still find difficult is doing his daughters hair. Thankfully miss9 has learnt to do her own now!

  3. MsDovic says:

    You are living my dream life! 🙂

    Had a friend the other day mention we have ‘mens jobs’ now but still carry the ‘womens jobs’ too – no wonder no time left for anything.

    My hubs is pretty cool on the tidying (coz I so totally suck at that) but yo-yos? I could so so do with some that could bake as well, even if he did it in my slippers.

    I actually think I need a wife.

    Great post 🙂

    • disydoit says:

      thank you. well I guess we all want what we dont have. Talk about mens jobs – I put out the bins this morning is 5 degree weather! I suck at tidying too.

  4. MisssyM says:

    I dream of a house husband. Given that he’s a teacher I get a little taste of it when he’s off on holiday and I still nee to work. He is so much better at it than me. Apart from one area: laundry. Oh he’ll get it all done but he puts it away randomly. I find my daughter’s tiny pants in my drawers for weeks after and vice versa.

    • disydoit says:

      ohhh yes the bloody washing. I have trusted him with my delicates once – NEVER AGAIN. I keep explaining that sons socks go missing when stuff sits in washing baskets for days waiting for folding! There is very good reason that before our son came along we did our washing separately – avoids arguments! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. Suze says:

    Hehe love the image of the hubby baking in slippers!
    I second MsDovic’s comment- I want a house husband to cook for me, wear my slippers and organise the pantry!

    • disydoit says:

      Yes miss I think I am losing audience with myself gloating about this. Not the typical mummy blogger at the moment but times are a changing. texyboy needs a job, so we can have maybe some sort of social life! (butless time to do it in as he wont be home looking after us all week)

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