My birth story

So I am booked in for the arrival on #2 in a less than 2 weeks time. As I procrastinate contemplate the nesting and preparations required for the arrival; I think about my experience when Master F was born.

I was 10 days overdue when I booked in for induction. I had been in for monitoring a few times over the past couple of weeks; this time I would be leaving with my baby on the outside.

It was a Friday evening and we were waiting in the birthing suite. As we watched Meet the Fockers, I tried not to look too scared at my husband when I heard the blood curdling screams of a woman in the adjoining suite give birth. I had all that in front of me! The midwife apologised for the delay in getting our induction happening but the new mum next door had arrived at the hospital and given birth to a healthy baby all in the time we had been waiting!

The gel was applied and sleeping tablets provided because ‘not much will happen.’ I told hubby to go home and get a good nights sleep because the next day was likely to be full on. He went off and I tried to drift off to sleep. Next thing I knew I was up on all fours rocking about, I had cramps..that gel was doing something. Hubby was called back at the hospital and at that time (1am) my waters broke. After a short time the contractions eased and both of us fell asleep.

We awoke when a nurse came into the room. Believe me being in bed with your husband in a hospital with a nurse standing over you was a little weird. I had never seen Texy get out of bed so quickly.

Soon after, I was hooked up to a drip and my labour was synthesized. Gushes of water continued to come out of me and I spent most of my time standing on the side of the bed leaning on a fit ball. Texy followed me from toilet to bed with towels mopping up the gushes.

My 3pm nothing much had happened. I took up the offer of gas as I was getting tired from the synthetic contractions but there was little dilation going on. A new midwife came on duty and I told me I needed to ‘let go of my baby’ and ‘focus on releasing your baby from you’. I do remember thinking ‘I am 10 days overdue and if you think I want to go on any longer you are fucking insane’. But I was a good girl and took her advice and focussed. She also said I am just waiting for you to get to a point were you say ‘I can’t do this anymore’ and then I know it’s happening. I did not even feel close to this pointy end of labour; I was dealing with my contractions fine with a little help from the gas.

By 6pm I was soldiering on when I was told that they would like to give me an epidural and turn up the drip. Even then I did not feel in any way that was going to help my labour progress. They explained they wanted to try this for a few more hours before I had a caesar. By then in my heart of hearts I didn’t think their plan was going to work.

I am a good patient and next thing I am in bed unable to move from the waist down having a catheter inserted. Well that was actually after an almost hour struggle for the anaesthetist to get the needle in my back. The only time I lost it is when he said are you having a contraction?’ when trying to insert the needle. My reply was; I can handle keeping still during the fucking contractions I just can’t handle you not being able to get this needle in!’

Anyway lying in bed now in a hospital gown was not choice and by the time it all happened plans were in place for the emergency caesar.

Texy was outside of the hospital getting some fresh air when the BMW’s and Audi’s rocked up. These were the Dr’s for our unborn child and me. It is a small hospital and I was the only emergency caesar for the Saturday night.

The op began and although I felt a little scared, I was more worried about Texy as he was likely to faint at any moment (as such he hid in vacant birthing suite during epidural). I remember saying to him ‘look at me’ to try to help keep him in check. Before we knew it a baby that was very obviously a boy was held up and his cries filled the theatre. I watched the midwife and pediatrician quickly do their thing and pass me my wrapped up baby.

Texy got to hold Master F in recovery whilst they stitched me up. I was stuck there by myself with the dickhead anaesthetist whom annoyed me so much I could not even look at him. That was the longest part. I found a day later during a debrief that my obstetrician is anal about his stitching and I found it hard to be patient during that time. I do remember trying to clear one blocked nostril whist still having my abdomen open as my Dr’s said ‘hang in there.’ ( I try not to think too much about what the pressure of trying to unblock my nose did on the other side of the curtain….)

Out in recovery I finally got to put Master F on the boob.  By this time is was 1am Sunday morning.

Having a caesar isn’t choice but the healthy delivery of my son was a priority. On advice I am booked in for an elective caesar this time and I am resigned that I wont ever experience what real labour and natural birth is like.  Well, that is unless I do go into labour between now and then!

Nice of you to join us finally!

Love a war/birth story, please share or link to yours!

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